Developing an economical and effective system for monitoring high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) surgery of cancerous tumours using ultrasonic hydrophone arrays.

Proclucid Technologies Inc. enabled utilities and power providers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy MicroGrid solutions that are modular and standards-based.

Noser Engineering AG created a software module that helps neurological impaired patients use the LYRA robotic device for physical therapy and recovery.

Developing and building internal combustion (IC) engine test bench submodules for test bench control, digital data acquisition, and online look-up table calibration on the engine control unit (ECU).

Jaguar Land Rover built a system to index the metadata of any file, regardless of its origin, and to create a workflow to quickly search, analyze, and report on data.

COGEU used LabVIEW software and USRP hardware to develop a cross-platform cognitive radio demonstrator that combines spectrum sensing and a geo-location database to show effective spectrum reuse.

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