Tokamak Energy created a small, cost-effective tokamak for the approximately 300 plasma research centers in the world to use for exploring magnetic confinement fusion, and to actively speed up the development ...

10X Engineering developed a highly flexible radar target simulator for multiple dynamic or static targets, with the option to reconfigure parameters on the fly.

Grovf LLC rapidly prototyped the architecture of a key-value database store to prove that FPGAs benefit from memory-intensive and parallel nature applications.

evopro Innovation Kft. developed a reliable measurement system for railway sound and vibration analysis that reduced development time and complexity.

Texas A&M University reduced the time and cost of prototyping WiFi medium access control (MAC) protocols using a network of real-time wireless devices.

Controlling reaction parameters throughout the testing period, which is normally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for two to three months, to prevent reaction condition distortion that can result in ...

Reducing test cycle times through automation and providing a more systematic approach to the problem of cross-departmental test information management of exoatmospheric ballistic missile testing, thus ...

Dolphin Integration designed a modular solution to multiplex analog signals, generate and acquire analog and digital signals, and control components using I²C bus.

Creating a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation environment to accelerate software development time and functional verification tests for automotive engine control units (ECUs).

ST-Ericsson upgraded a characterization lab with a validation test solution that meets a variety of RF standards for semiconductor chip tests and reduces test times.

Researchers created a system to analyze how adding wing pods changes the flight characteristics of a small UAV used for flight testing multiple payloads.

Holst Centre/imec created an automated test system to accurately verify and characterize new ultra-low-power semiconductor chip designs while saving time.

When the ECU controlling the injection and/or ignition systems of a vehicle combustion engine stop working correctly, there is widespread lack of knowledge among mechanics and electronics technicians about ...

TATA motors built a test system to test and validate the integration of multiple electronic control units (ECUs) for a parallel hybrid vehicle in just two months.

Developing an easily configurable, modular vehicle model and test system to use in a model-based dynamometer and rapidly prototyping vehicle control systems.

Estimating the flight trajectory of a suborbital research rocket without using typical high-power radar methods.

Researchers developed an affordable atomic force microscope (AFM) suitable for imaging and analysis of cells, featuring various advanced imaging modes.

RAFA Solutions LLC developed a system to assess the integrity of electrofusion joints of plastic pipes with a nondestructive technique using ultrasonic sensors.

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