Researchers improved the beam diagnostic system for the ISIS 50 Hz synchrotron to monitor and control the accelerator with increased quantity, accuracy, and speed.

Researchers built a system that combines multiple distributed sensors for evaluating small-scale wind turbine efficiency, operation, and structural integrity.

Researchers developed subsystems for working with a Penning-type ion source on a high-voltage platform and integrating it with an EPICS-based general control network.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Strathclyde created a course on working with reprogrammable digital hardware to develop working systems through group projects.

Researchers at Georgia Tech developed a networked system of mobile robots that combine the spectrum-mapping abilities of cognitive radio (CR) with localization and spatial-awareness capabilities.

Please update the metadescription to: Imperial College London created and modified FPGA applications to test algorithms for next-generation wireless communication systems in real-world radio conditions. ...

MIT developed a large-range video-rate atomic force microscope (LRVR-AFM) to observe nanoscale processes in real time as high-resolution microscopy images.

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