Van Technologies LLC created a universal automated test system to test radio components of different types and sizes in a very short time.

GN Audio standardize on a new production test platform that uses COTS products from NI and CIM. The new system reduces new test development from months to weeks

G Systems automated the process of testing Toshiba printed circuit boards (PCBs) while improving reliability, accuracy, and speed with virtual instrumentation.

Researchers developed an evaluation system to verify the reliability of new next-generation devices that control the overall body domain systems of a car.

Center for Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems, UWM built an automation system to evaluate the performance and cycle life of a hybrid lithium-ion/lead-acid battery.

Standardized platform was implemented where a common set of code modules and COTs instruments could be configured to meet each test station's needs. Reduce test solution development effort and throughput ...

Benetel developed a manufacturing test system for wireless multimedia tablet devices that incorporates a complex touch screen, accelerometer, camera, audio, and WiFi.

Computer Controlled Solutions Limited created a data acquisition and control system to safely handle and test a 30-ton drive train with high accuracy.

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