Researchers created a course that teaches students how to develop and implement digital communication systems and software defined radio (SDR) technologies.

National Institute for Fusion Science developed a steady-state plasma control system to sustain high-performance plasma an extended period of time.

ECE at the University of Virginia designed a course to help students learn advanced embedded concepts and to immediately put them into practice within two weeks.

Please change the metadescription to: COSIC Group, KU Leuven successfully reverse-engineered the proprietary protocols of different IMDs from medical equipment manufacturers to prove security flaws.

Researchers updated to a smaller, more powerful wind tunnel test system with a more stable control system and simpler operation than before.

Hyundai Motor Company developed a system to remotely capture data from sensors and to perform real-time control for a wearable robotics device for walking assistance.

Flow Design Bureau AS built a cavitation intensity meter to help the hydropower operator detect, identify, and quantify cavitation in a turbine system.

COGEU used LabVIEW software and USRP hardware to develop a cross-platform cognitive radio demonstrator that combines spectrum sensing and a geo-location database to show effective spectrum reuse.

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