Researchers created a medical instrument that can detect cancer during medical checkups without requiring the patient to undergo the severe stress of a biopsy.

UTokyo created a system to simulate and evaluate how differences in fuel gas components affect the conditions necessary to run an engine that uses biomass fuel.

Making a mill monitoring system detect misuse of material, measure the wear of the internal mechanical components, generate a database for modeling the aging machinery, reduce machine downtime and reduce ...

Designing and building an automated manufacturing test system (MTS) for testing audio amplifier printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the aim to reduce test times and maximize throughput.

Digilogic Systems Pvt. developed the Modular Rugged Chassis for PXI Express commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems for deployments in military applications.

Developing a real-time signal detection and analysis system that could be structured like a program, operate in parallel like an analog electronic circuit, and supply multiple channels of noise.

Modal analysis can offer insight into civil structures, which can drive the design of life-saving buildings that are resilient to major catastrophe. Unfortunately, the enormity of civil structures, like ...

We needed to create a system to monitor both natural ground motion and industrial vibration with tight timing restrictions. The system should also allow persona-based access to data to share with CERN ...

Measuring and controlling, in real time, the position of bulk components to absorb energetic particles out of the nominal beam core with high reliability and accuracy at the world’s most powerful particle ...

Afore enabled testing of low-g accelerometers and gyroscopes with the Afore KRONOS wafer-level test handler and integrated PXI-based hardware.

Researchers developed a reliable fatigue test rig that determines loading force and frequency according to engine and connecting rod parameters.

Ramtron International created a flexible, cost-effective ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) memory test system as an alternative to existing automated test equipment (ATE).

Wired-in Software Pty Ltd designed and built a reliable, embedded, high-speed laser engraving control and positioning subsystem within a tight timeline

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