Developing an automobile electronic stability program (ESP) performance testing system that can acquire many types of signals during a dangerous testing process while working steadily and reliably in tough ...

Developing an easily configurable, modular vehicle model and test system to use in a model-based dynamometer and rapidly prototyping vehicle control systems.

Researchers developed a data acquisition and control system with real-time measurement and logging capabilities for an M15 gas turbine and testbed subsystem.

We aimed to develop an affordable, high-performance controller for an atomic force microscope (AFM) that included all standard features and was readily scalable. We also wanted the ability to integrate ...

RAFA Solutions LLC developed a system to assess the integrity of electrofusion joints of plastic pipes with a nondestructive technique using ultrasonic sensors.

Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. developed an accurate and portable high-level impact test application for the certification of safety helmets.

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