Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

Modern radar, electronic warfare, and SIGINT systems generate, process, and record wide signal bandwidths at a broad range of frequencies. Engineers need flexible hardware and software to adapt these systems to new signal types and threats.

Adapt to Emerging Threats with Software-Defined, FPGA-Enabled RF Systems

As threats evolve, radar, electronic warfare, RF spectrum monitoring, and SIGINT systems must have higher performance, wider bandwidths, and faster response speeds while adapting to emerging needs and operating for the long term. The development tools used to design, validate, and test these systems must keep pace. NI delivers solutions for rapid prototyping, rugged deployment, flexible validation, and functional test of C4ISR and radar systems. NI's software defined radio and FPGA-enabled instrumentation reduces development risk through integrated hardware and software and increases confidence by improving test coverage.

Radar Design and Test Resource Guide

Learn more about radar test, the underlying technologies advancing radar, and NI's approach to system-level verification and radar target simulation.

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The Alliance Partner Network puts experts at your fingertips, including system integrators, consultants, and LabVIEW Tools Network providers, who are available globally to consult on projects and provide complete radar, electronic warfare, and SIGINT test and monitoring solutions tailored to your unique test requirements.

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