Researchers at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca needed to deploy a solution that could indicate the direction of an incoming target signal expressed by its angle of arrival (AoA).

Modal analysis can offer insight into civil structures, which can drive the design of life-saving buildings that are resilient to major catastrophe. Unfortunately, the enormity of civil structures, like ...

Executing and testing, in real time, a model written with the EcosimPro simulation tool on the PXI platform with Phar Lap operating system in a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) configuration.

Creating a complete vehicle controls system to pretest the components and systems of a Formula Student racing car before it reaches the circuit.

Developing a reliable race vehicle testing and data acquisition system to acquire and analyze data from performance critical data points to enhance performance and decrease tuning time for the Brigham ...

Argenta boosted the efficiency of elevated temperature test as part of standard test procedures for fuel metering units (FMUs) and electronic interface devices (EIDs).

Developing a remote sensing instrument for real-time detection and quantification of fugitive natural gas emissions that must also adapt to evolving customer requirements driven by emerging industry regulations. ...

Performing electronic systems integration testing by connecting the complete electrical system of the aircraft to a simulation of the rest of the plane.

Honda R&D Co., Ltd. built a fuel cell impedance measuring system capable of high-speed sampling and performing high-precision measurements of multiple channels.

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