United Automotive Electronic Systems Co.,Ltd. created a real-time oil pump bracket assembly test system for instrument control, motion control, and data acquisition.

Developing an economical and effective system for monitoring high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) surgery of cancerous tumours using ultrasonic hydrophone arrays.

ControlWorks created an HIL simulation environment for a battery management system (BMS) to shorten development time and reliability and to simply test scenarios.

Airbus added intelligence to tools and shopfloor systems to simplify the production process and improved production efficiency by managing operator tasks.

Noser Engineering AG created a software module that helps neurological impaired patients use the LYRA robotic device for physical therapy and recovery.

Researchers created a medical instrument that can detect cancer during medical checkups without requiring the patient to undergo the severe stress of a biopsy.

INNOTEMS designed a software validation and verification process with the Pacemaker Test System and developed a software validation system for many medical devices.

Developing a portable and easily adjustable application framework for optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems. The framework should allow for rapidly programming OCT setups with different hardware solutions. ...

Lightning Hybrids created a retrofit system to hydraulically store wasted braking energy as hydraulic pressure that can be reused to accelerate the vehicle.

EDIBON developed a 3D physics system to study electric fields, magnetic fields, mechanics, acoustics, optics, and thermodynamics at both industrial and research levels.

Training new generations in the latest technologies relating to Smart Grids, Power Generation Systems and Electrical Protections in High Voltage Grids (Picture 1), Renowable Energies, Electrical Machines, ...

Training new generations in the field of process control engineering, both to study its principles and to identify the latest techniques and technologies applied at the industrial level.

Researchers at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca needed to deploy a solution that could indicate the direction of an incoming target signal expressed by its angle of arrival (AoA).

Modal analysis can offer insight into civil structures, which can drive the design of life-saving buildings that are resilient to major catastrophe. Unfortunately, the enormity of civil structures, like ...

Argenta boosted the efficiency of elevated temperature test as part of standard test procedures for fuel metering units (FMUs) and electronic interface devices (EIDs).

Developing a remote sensing instrument for real-time detection and quantification of fugitive natural gas emissions that must also adapt to evolving customer requirements driven by emerging industry regulations. ...

Afore enabled testing of low-g accelerometers and gyroscopes with the Afore KRONOS wafer-level test handler and integrated PXI-based hardware.

Addressing three major challenges when developing a new, ultrasmall-diameter, sophisticated ultrasonically activated scalpel (UAS). It needed to have a flexible measurement and control system that could ...

Ramtron International created a flexible, cost-effective ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) memory test system as an alternative to existing automated test equipment (ATE).

MIT integrated analog and digital devices to achieve the deterministic loop timing required to prototype a bearingless blood pump control system.

Sci-Mech Technical Services developed a cost-effective solution for production line testing of automotive seating products that can provide objective metrics.

Tools for Smart Minds developed a system for performing brake tests on discs produced by an R&D department with dynamometric benches inside test chambers.

Insol LLC developed a coherent simulator of radar response to inspect and test radar stations and individual blocks of high RF path.

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