Researchers developed subsystems for working with a Penning-type ion source on a high-voltage platform and integrating it with an EPICS-based general control network.

With the help of NOFFZ, researchers at the Barkhausen Institute quickly achieved initial wireless prototyping milestones with the mmWave test system.

Nokia teamed with NI to create a unified design flow for prototyping mmWave mobile access ideas in a fraction of the time compared to conventional design approaches.

Monitoring railroad track condition, performance of rail vehicles in different railroad conditions, and riding characteristics and conducting similar trials using an oscillograph-fitted railway coach equipped ...

Researchers created a course that teaches students how to develop and implement digital communication systems and software defined radio (SDR) technologies.

ECE at the University of Virginia designed a course to help students learn advanced embedded concepts and to immediately put them into practice within two weeks.

Please change the metadescription to: COSIC Group, KU Leuven successfully reverse-engineered the proprietary protocols of different IMDs from medical equipment manufacturers to prove security flaws.

Developing a reliable race vehicle testing and data acquisition system to acquire and analyze data from performance critical data points to enhance performance and decrease tuning time for the Brigham ...

MIT developed a large-range video-rate atomic force microscope (LRVR-AFM) to observe nanoscale processes in real time as high-resolution microscopy images.

Researchers built an intelligent measurement and control system to optimize the efficiency of wind turbines within demanding requirements and a tough schedule.

Ovak Technologies developed a reservoir pressure maintenance automation system to remotely control, monitor, and protect devices in pumping station.

Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd created an automated and scalable solution to test the entire range of radar function for secondary surveillance radar (SSR).

Researchers developed a system for performing inspections on industrial mud pumps used in oil and gas exploration to reduce human exposure to hazardous environments.

COGEU used LabVIEW software and USRP hardware to develop a cross-platform cognitive radio demonstrator that combines spectrum sensing and a geo-location database to show effective spectrum reuse.

Testing the performance of a marine power generator under various power outputs in case of the sudden increase or decrease of its load.

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