Estimating the flight trajectory of a suborbital research rocket without using typical high-power radar methods.

Researchers developed an affordable atomic force microscope (AFM) suitable for imaging and analysis of cells, featuring various advanced imaging modes.

RAFA Solutions LLC developed a system to assess the integrity of electrofusion joints of plastic pipes with a nondestructive technique using ultrasonic sensors.

Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. developed an accurate and portable high-level impact test application for the certification of safety helmets.

Researchers developed a real-time, active noise control (ANC) system to monitor the car cabin environment and measure engine and road noise while lowering cost.

We needed to develop and commission a fully automated dynamometer test rig for integrated starter generators (ISGs) used in hybrid vehicles to run accelerated life tests.

UCSI University created an interface control system for motor operations, from small-scale models to large industrial applications using DAQ and LabVIEW.

Continental Automotive France, Wireless Tests developed a generic and configurable RF communication card for the ISM band at a lower cost compared to existing systems.

Texas Instruments reduced cost and measurement time while improving measurement quality and meeting the goal to reduce test cost and improve characterization time.

Thales UK tested a new automated signaling system with several virtual test trains (VTTs) to mimic an actual passenger train while improving time and reducing cost.

The EPFLoop team needed to design and build a control system for a prototype transport vehicle (pod) to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various aspects of the hyperloop concept. They used the ...

Industrial laser-based 3D printing processes have been around for many years, but the industry must tackle many challenges such as production throughput, quality assurance, and manufacturing repeatability ...

North American Eagle built a system to acquire data from the North American Eagle vehicle as it moves faster than the speed of sound in extremely harsh conditions.

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION used an analysis environment for model-based development that helped the team reuse test data and reduce man-hours by about 50 percent.

Specialized needed an accurate way to measure and test the effects of drag on cyclists as they ride in a real-world environment, so they used NI products to become the world’s first bike and equipment ...

Providing courseware for a massively open online course (MOOC) on cyber-physical systems, including a realistic robotics simulator, a framework to develop and debug using low- and high-level programming ...

Building a prototype autonomous unmanned vehicle (AUV) with a flexible interface, reliable software, and high usability for an algorithm test bed quickly and with minimal cost.

Researchers developed a moving source beamforming application for visualizing the noise sources on the KTX-Sancheon high-speed train to reduce environmental noise.

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