Product Technology Partners Ltd created a remotely accessible endurance test, and data acquisition and control rig for motor and gearbox lifetime qualification.

Creating an end-to-end control, acquisition, and analysis system for research-grade ion trap mass spectrometer systems that can accommodate experiments of varying complexity and sophistication.

Developing a real-time signal detection and analysis system that could be structured like a program, operate in parallel like an analog electronic circuit, and supply multiple channels of noise.

Researchers created a SONAR-based real-time monitoring system to detect and analyze vibrations or movements of objects using a noncontact inspection technique.

Captronic Systems developed a flexible, durable, and cost-effective automated test system for testing the performance of the starter-generator at various load conditions with LabVIEW and CompactRIO hardware. ...

Developing a robust and flexible remote ground control system (GCS) to control and monitor the Stratos II+ rocket filling and firing procedures during the engine test campaign and the launch campaign.

Designing and building a simple and compact ground synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for on-ground imaging.

INNOTEMS designed a software validation and verification process with the Pacemaker Test System and developed a software validation system for many medical devices.

Creating a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation platform to accelerate the development of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) control algorithm and decrease the high demand on a testing site due to ...

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