Monitoring railroad track condition, performance of rail vehicles in different railroad conditions, and riding characteristics and conducting similar trials using an oscillograph-fitted railway coach equipped ...

Researchers built a system that combines multiple distributed sensors for evaluating small-scale wind turbine efficiency, operation, and structural integrity.

Researchers designed a rugged monitoring system to predicting parts failure in the bevel planetary gearbox of a bucket-wheel excavator power transmission system.

Edwards developed a cost-effective, high-accuracy balancing system that reduces vibration more than other off-the-shelf solutions within a tight project timeline.

Nokia teamed with NI to create a unified design flow for prototyping mmWave mobile access ideas in a fraction of the time compared to conventional design approaches.

Qualcomm Atheros improved WLAN test speeds by more than 200 times compared to traditional rack-and-stack instruments while significantly improving test coverage.

Researchers built a test rig featuring a robotic plesiosaur in a plume tank to deliver unique insights into how plesiosaurs propelled themselves through oceans.

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