Please change the metadescription to: ELCOM, a.s. quickly implemented a complete phase measurement unit (PMU) analyzer for precise evaluation of synchrophasors in accordance with IEC and EN standards.

INNOTEMS designed a software validation and verification process with the Pacemaker Test System and developed a software validation system for many medical devices.

We needed to design a new functional tester for car infotainment systems containing multiple modules and communication channels, such as WiFi, USB, CAN, Bluetooth, DAB, RDS, and GPS.

Raeburn Technology developed a low-cost, real-time engine knock analyzer that utilizes a visual display for intuitive and accurate knock determination.

Developing a high-precision quantum waveform synthesizer to use in the characterisation of analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) that is reliable and maintains high accuracy during repetitive testing through ...

WMG researchers used NI hardware and software with scenario-generation tools to emulate satellite constellations and other RF signals and control their signal quality according to the driving environment. ...

Training new generations in the field of process control engineering, both to study its principles and to identify the latest techniques and technologies applied at the industrial level.

Researchers created a SONAR-based real-time monitoring system to detect and analyze vibrations or movements of objects using a noncontact inspection technique.

Researchers at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca needed to deploy a solution that could indicate the direction of an incoming target signal expressed by its angle of arrival (AoA).

Austin Consultants developed an automatable and easily maintainable platform for open- and closed-loop testing on multiple linked ECMs and ECUs.

Building a verification system with FlexRIO products enabled automatic test pattern execution and replicated severe testing environments to ensure safety.

SYNERGIE CAD INSTRUMENTS developed FlexyTest; a versatile solution that maximizes test fixtures and extends their operating life without affecting ATE productivity.

Alma Automotive developed a modular, HIL test system for real-time engine and vehicle simulation to reduce the amount of required physical testing.

Protean Electric Ltd. automated the testing and characterizing of their integrated motor and inverter, covering every aspect of performance to reduce time on test.

Designing and developing a revolutionary XYZ measurement-based inspection technology to help companies improve the quality of their manufactured PCB assemblies.

Opalum created a scalable sound optimization system to test sound quality within constraints such as small devices and strict power consumption requirements.

Developing a system for collecting and monitoring aerodynamic data combined with a 4-axis positioning control. The information is monitored in real time while stored for its later analysis. The positioning ...

Please update the metadescription to: Project Integration LLC created an automated test system to measure the parameters of high-power IGBT and MOSFET transistors with an intuitive user interface.

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