Cambridge University Eco Racing used CAN, remote data analysis, and telemetry to reliably monitor and control the electrical systems of a solar-powered car.

Tokamak Energy created a small, cost-effective tokamak for the approximately 300 plasma research centers in the world to use for exploring magnetic confinement fusion, and to actively speed up the development ...

FireFly Equipment designed an automated smart machine that harvests turf 20 percent faster than other machines and reduces diesel fuel consumption by 50 percent.

ST-Ericsson upgraded a characterization lab with a validation test solution that meets a variety of RF standards for semiconductor chip tests and reduces test times.

Researchers created a system to analyze how adding wing pods changes the flight characteristics of a small UAV used for flight testing multiple payloads.

Holst Centre/imec created an automated test system to accurately verify and characterize new ultra-low-power semiconductor chip designs while saving time.

UCSI Malaysia created a go-kart performance monitoring dashboard that indicates parameters such as RPM, motor temperatures, speed, battery life, and warning alerts.

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