Testing the performance of a marine power generator under various power outputs in case of the sudden increase or decrease of its load.

Ensuring the core modules of Cardiff University’s MSc Physics programme effectively teach advanced practical and research skills to students with different backgrounds, and balancing teaching to a skill ...

University of Leeds, School of Mechanical Engineering developed an exercise-driven approach to teach students how to use LabVIEW and myDAQ Student Data Acquisition Device.

Developing an automation system for a steel recycling facility that reduces the amount of energy consumed to comply with statewide energy regulations while improving the safety and efficiency of the plant. ...

Lime Instruments, LLC designed a pump monitoring system to monitor operating parameters of a reciprocating pump used in oil well servicing applications.

LUT University developed a special mobile robot that can sense, navigate, and monitor its surroundings and conduct repairs and assembly tasks in inhospitable areas.

IUT de CACHAN helped students transform a gas-powered buggy into an electric buggy to teach the principles of real-time command, control, and supervision.

Researchers developed a curriculum to enable learning of skills crucial for designing, testing, manufacturing and quality control through a hands-on approach.

CIM Industrial Systems A/S automated HIL verifying and testing of software releases of Siemens wind turbine control systems and components in the development phase.

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