VascuLogic developed a portable medical robot that autonomously performs blood draws and other IV procedures when professionals are unable to access veins.

Evaluating two different topologies of low-cost reluctance machine-based electric drives used in low-powered electric vehicle (EV) applications applying a real-time co-simulation approach with minimal ...

Researchers developed a moving source beamforming application for visualizing the noise sources on the KTX-Sancheon high-speed train to reduce environmental noise.

Volvo Cars needed to extend the functionality of its Dynamic Driving Simulator to encompass active vehicle components and control systems. This would reduce the need for costly, physical field tests whilst ...

Melexis GmbH implemented a new validation test strategy to improve consistency, coverage, and analysis quality while decreasing time to market and improving quality.

Engaging and motivating students majoring in automatic control through hands-on control design experiments that provide instruction in controls and in engineering practices, and also help engineers from ...

National Chiao Tung University designed a system between the navigation computer and the ground of a 1,000 kgf sounding rocket and rapidly performing system modification and program changes based on the ...

Researchers created a medical instrument that can detect cancer during medical checkups without requiring the patient to undergo the severe stress of a biopsy.

INNOTEMS designed a software validation and verification process with the Pacemaker Test System and developed a software validation system for many medical devices.

INNOTMES developed INNO-MEDU100 for the digital healthcare industry, which offers efficient medical sensor functionality for researchers, professors, and students.

EDIBON developed a 3D physics system to study electric fields, magnetic fields, mechanics, acoustics, optics, and thermodynamics at both industrial and research levels.

Training new generations in the latest technologies relating to Smart Grids, Power Generation Systems and Electrical Protections in High Voltage Grids (Picture 1), Renowable Energies, Electrical Machines, ...

Training new generations in the field of process control engineering, both to study its principles and to identify the latest techniques and technologies applied at the industrial level.

Modal analysis can offer insight into civil structures, which can drive the design of life-saving buildings that are resilient to major catastrophe. Unfortunately, the enormity of civil structures, like ...

Please update the metadescription to: Project Integration LLC created an automated test system to measure the parameters of high-power IGBT and MOSFET transistors with an intuitive user interface.

Mondragon Unibersitatea implemented systems to monitor battery packs of up to 12 LiOn cells and to control cell voltage, currents, temperatures, and more.

Engenuity Inc. needed to design an accurate, repeatable way to test blowout preventers (BOPs) for leaks, which required the development of a real-time control and DAQ application for a fully automated, ...

Developing a new test bench design to test power meters with the flexibility to interoperate with automation devices and robotics arms through industrial protocols and adaptability to various product lines. ...

Auto V Corporation Sdn. Bhd. created a cost-effective endurance test machine for automotive power window regulators with real-time monitoring, data logging, and more.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation designed a method to filter SAE J1939 protocol IDs and to construct a CAN communication platform for a vehicle test environment.

HOB Consultores SA. built a mobile platform to safely collect images of the deterioration and the maintenance of road infrastructure at rates of up to 80 km/h.

Digilogic Systems Pvt. developed the Modular Rugged Chassis for PXI Express commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems for deployments in military applications.

WMG researchers used NI hardware and software with scenario-generation tools to emulate satellite constellations and other RF signals and control their signal quality according to the driving environment. ...

UNO-LUX NS d.o.o. developed a system for electroencephalogram (EEG) acquisition, analysis, and presentation, according to user-defined demands.

Mazda Motor Corporation built and automated a HILS system to both verify the logic and evaluate the robustness of electronic components operating cooperatively.

Building a verification system with FlexRIO products enabled automatic test pattern execution and replicated severe testing environments to ensure safety.

Researchers developed an application for data acquisition, transmission, preprocessing, and control for the monitoring system of a long-span, extra-large bridge.

Creating an end-to-end control, acquisition, and analysis system for research-grade ion trap mass spectrometer systems that can accommodate experiments of varying complexity and sophistication.

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