Resolve Research Engineering Ltd created an accurate, portable, and automated tool to test the manual dexterity and cognitive skills of 13,500 children as part of a large study to identify and help those ...

Reaction Engines Ltd created a scalable and flexible testbed for Skylon test data to be simultaneously viewed and logged at high speed for further analysis.

Diagnostic Sonar Ltd, Livingston, UK designed a multichannel array to manipulate particle clusters and objects as small as 10 µm in real time using ultrasound.

Researchers created a sensing and control intelligence system to develop a full-scale adaptive prototype of a lightweight space truss while reducing material waste.

Frazer-Nash Consultancy created the Train Zero facility for both integration testing and validation of Bombardier train systems and models.

M3 Systems embedded NI technology with the STELLA-NGC Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) simulator to manage multiconstellations and multifrequency approaches.

Addressing unilateral facial paralysis by creating a measurement and control system for facial pacing, which measures facial movements from the healthy side of the face and uses functional electrical stimulation ...

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