Proactively Monitor Your Test Asset Health

Equipment failure accounts for 42 percent of unplanned downtime and costs manufacturers $50B/year. Yet 52 percent of manufacturers use spreadsheets to manage equipment maintenance. A well-run predictive maintenance (PdM) program can have a dramatic impact on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). According to DOE1, implementing a PdM program can reduce equipment breakdowns by 70 – 75 percent, reduce maintenance costs by 25 – 30 percent, reduce downtime by 35 – 45 percent, and increase production by 20 – 25 percent. Key elements of a successful program include:


  • Condition monitoring—Real-time insights into the health of the test system and test facilities is a necessity for being digitally aware.
  • Predictive maintenance—Equipment is serviced based on actual wear and tear as well as need for service, reducing unexpected outages and overall costs.
  • Correlation analysis—Connecting critical events on a system to the overall system health and state for accelerated root-cause analysis.
  • Building and maintaining a “digital thread”—A proactive approach to understand what is happening on each asset and what is likely to happen.​

ActiveUptime™ Solution: Monitoring Test Equipment and Facilities

  • Real-time, accurate, continuous monitoring and alerting as conditions approach critical thresholds for complete visibility into equipment health.
  • High-fidelity prognostic models for accurate predictions of remaining useful life and failures.
  • Critical environmental sensors, robust data ingestion and transformation service, and efficient edge pre-processing to unlock the power of your data.
  • Delivered as-a-Service, removing risk and complexity in the process.

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