CAN and LIN Cable


Connects CAN and LIN interfaces to devices, breakout boxes, and accessories.

The CAN and LIN cable is designed to meet ISO 11898 cable specifications and work with high-speed/FD, low-speed, and software-selectable CAN and/or LIN interfaces. NI recommends CAN cables with no termination for connecting CAN and LIN interfaces to networks that already have termination in place or that implement LS/FT CAN, and CAN cables with termination for connecting individual HS/FD CAN devices, networks with only one terminator, or networks that have no termination installed. NI-XNET CAN interfaces feature software-selectable termination that eliminates the need for external termination.Some models are specifically designed for CompactRIO and CompactDAQ hardware and have ports requiring external power.

  • Cable impedance: 120 Ω, resistance: 93 Ω/km at 20 °C, delay: 5 ns/m
  • Two 24 AWG twisted pairs, one for CAN_H and CAN_L and one for V+ and V-
  • CiA-DS-102 standard wiring: Pin 2: CAN_L, Pin 3: V-, Pin 5: Shield, Pin 7: CAN_H, Pin 9: V+