High-Volume Production Test

Production test leaders need a smarter alternative to traditional automated test equipment (ATE) to meet cost and coverage requirements of increasingly complex RF and mixed-signal ICs.

A Smarter Approach to Production ATE

Chipmakers must deliver more integrated functionality, ensure the highest reliability for mission-critical applications, remain highly cost competitive, and ensure a short time to market to meet tight market windows. Consolidation has left the semiconductor ATE market with fewer suppliers, leading to limited options. We think it's time for a change. For 40 years, NI has helped test and measure the devices of the future. Today, we're one of the fastest growing semi production test suppliers because we believe the smarter test solutions of tomorrow—driven by 5G, IoT, and smart vehicle requirements—are customer-defined not vendor-defined.

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Learn more about how you can lower your test cost with a platform-based approach to semiconductor test.

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