Windows vs Desktop Linux DAQmx Experience Differences

This document describes the differences that exist between Windows and Desktop Linux experiences for NI-DAQmx.

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Major Feature Support


These features will not be available on Linux during the initial release, but may become available in a future release.


Windows Feature Supported Notes
Connection Diagram



DAQmx Terminal Control Auto-Populate



DAQmx Test Panels



DAQmx Timing Source (For Timed Loops)



Export Hardware Configuration with App Builder Installer



IO Control Browse Option



IO Control Filter Option



LabVIEW Detailed Help



NI IO Trace



TEDS Carrier    


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NI MAX Feature Replacements

Because NI MAX is not available on Linux, the following features are either: Not Accessible, Programmatically Accessible, or accessible through the provided tool

For an explaination on how to use any of the following listed tools follow the link here: DAQmx for Desktop Linux Tools.

MAX Feature Linux Support Replacement
cDAQ 9469 Sync


Channel Calibration Wizard


Configure Accessory Settings


Configure Power-up States


Configure TEDS on Devices(Scan, Import Virtual, Remove)


Configuring Tasks and Global Virtual Channels


Connection Diagram


Creating DAQmx Scales


Creating/Accessing Tasks and Global Virtual Channels


Delete a Device


Development Configuration via NI Configuration Export/Import (.nce)


Development Configuration via NI-DAQmx INI Export/Import


Device Reset


Device Self Test


Device Self-Calibration


Device Test Panels


Generate MAX Report: Max Summary


Generate MAX Report: My System


Generate MAX Report: Hardware


Generate MAX Report: Software


Generate MAX Report: Installation Summary Log


Generate MAX Report: MXS Report


Generate MAX Report: PAL Report


Generate MAX Report: REG Report


Generate MAX Report: NI Services


Generate MAX Report: nisysapi


Generate MAX Report: mxsSchema


Generate MAX Report:


Generate MAX Report: MAX\Logs


Manage/Update Device Firmware


Network DAQ Device Operations




Real-Time DAQ Configuration


Reassign Device Names to Default (Single Command)


Remote System Operations


Rename Devices


Reset MAX Configuration Data


SC Express Accessory - Auto Addition


SC Express Accessory Removal


SCXI Configuration


See Available Devices, Accessories, Chassis/Slot Info, and Status


See Device Model and Serial Number


See Device Routes


See Device Temperature


Simulated Devices: Creation and Removal


Simulated Devices: Importing Configuration


SWITCH Device Configuration


Task, Channel, and Scale Configuration via NI-DAQmx INI Export/Import


TEDS Carrier Addition, Config, and Removal


USB Device Driver Selector (DAQmx vs DAQmxBase)


View Calibration Information


View Device Documentation


View Device/Accessory Pinout


View Firmware Information


View Installed DAQmx Version



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LabVIEW DAQmx User Experience

Inside of the LabVIEW ADE some features on Windows do not exist on Linux. The following table lists the differences.

Main LabVIEW Feature Feature Sub Feature Linux Support
Application Builder Include Hardware Config Files  


DAQmx API VIs Calibration API  


DAQmx API VIs Device Configuration  


DAQmx API VIs Flatten/Unflatten String  


DAQmx API VIs Scale Setup API  


DAQmx API VIs Signal Routing API  


DAQmx API VIs Tasks, Channels, Control, and Triggering  


DAQmx API VIs Task Control  


DAQmx API VIs TEDs Operations API  


DAQmx Events - Hardware and Software    


DAQmx IO Control Device Name Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Device Name Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Front Panel Controls  


DAQmx IO Control Global Channel Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Global Channel Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Physical Channel Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Physical Channel Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Scale Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Scale Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Switch Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Switch Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Task Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Task Filtering


DAQmx IO Control Terminal Auto Populate


DAQmx IO Control Terminal Filtering


DAQmx IO Server    


DAQmx WDT Support    


Example Finder DAQmx Examples  


LabVIEW Help LabVIEW Help for DAQmx  


Express VIs DAQ Assistant Express VIs  


Express VIs Convert name control to DAQ Assistant  


Express VIs Write to Measurement File  


LabVIEW Project Global Channel IO Control Channel Creation


LabVIEW Project DAQmx Scale Control Scale Creation


LabVIEW Project Task Name Control Task Creation


LabVIEW Project Add/Rename/Remove Channels


LabVIEW Project Add/Rename/Remove Tasks


LabVIEW Project Add/Rename/Remove Scales


NI System Configuration API DAQmx Support  


TDMS Streaming    


Timed Loops    


WFNSC, Real-Time Properties    



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