FlexLogger 2018 R4 Product Notification

Product Notification:

NI recently learned that FlexLogger 2018 R4 may truncate analog output channel values on operating systems that do not use a period as the decimal symbol. For example, if a user specified 0,6 volts for an analog output channel, 0 volts may be output by FlexLogger. 

Note: This will not affect FlexLogger on a Windows OS that uses a period as the decimal symbol.


Action Required:

This issue has been corrected in FlexLogger 2019 R1. If you are not using analog outputs or your operating system is set up to use periods as a decimal symbol, no action is needed. If you are using FlexLogger 2018 R4 in an impacted OS locale or are otherwise concerned, you may download FlexLogger 2019 R1 and Drivers to resolve this issue. Upgrading will also enable you to benefit from new features, which include conditional events to automate inputs, RMS and mean calculated channels, enhanced channel specifications table, graph min/max data visualization, and other additions and improvements.

If you are impacted by this issue but cannot upgrade to FlexLogger 2019 R1, you can modify Windows to use a period instead of a comma as the decimal symbol system-wide. To do this:

  1. Access the Region settings in Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Change Date, Time, or Number Formats->Additional Settings
  3. Select the period from the Decimal Symbol drop-down menu.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to NI via our Applications Engineering department by creating a support ticket at ni.com/support

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