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October 2012, 373443B-01


This help file describes how to use the National Instruments Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Analyzer to analyze CEC messages transmitted between high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) devices over an HDMI link.

Note  This help file describes legacy NI CEC Analyzer VIs you can use to analyze CEC messages. To use current VIs with current solutions to analyze CEC messages, refer to the NI Multimedia Test LabVIEW Reference Help.


CEC, a component of High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), enables HDMI devices with CEC support to control each other, thus enabling you to control these devices using one device, such as a remote control. The devices send CEC messages over the CEC line of an HDMI cable connecting the devices. For example, if you power on a playback device such as a Blu-ray player using the power button on the remote control, the Blu-ray player then sends a CEC message to the TV instructing the TV to also power on. (Refer to the manufacturer's documentation for the HDMI device for information on enabling CEC.) The playback device can also send a power-on command to any other devices present in the system. To enable CEC, you must connect all HDMI devices using HDMI cables and enable the CEC option on the HDMI devices.

Use the NI CEC Analyzer to configure CEC-supported hardware to simulate an HDMI device such as a television, Blu-ray Player, audio receiver, or other HDMI device. You can then use the simulated device to configure CEC messages to send between HDMI devices.

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