NI Linux Device Drivers 2021 Q4 Known Issues


This document contains the NI Linux Device Drivers known issues that were discovered before and since the release of NI Linux Device Drivers 2021 Q4. Known issues are performance issues or technical bugs that NI has acknowledged exist within this version of the product.


Not every issue known to NI appears on this list; it is intended to show the most severe and common issues that you may encounter and provide workarounds when possible. Other technical issues that you may encounter could occur through normal product use or system compatibility issues. You may find more information on these issues in NI’s Product Documentation, Knowledgebase, or Community.

Bug Number

Legacy ID



1448861, 1482726, 1482726

System Crashes When NI Drivers Exceed the Default Max for iNotify Instances

When running code that initializes NI drivers, the system crashes. This may be because the NI drivers have requested more than the 128 iNotify instances that the default Linux kernel allows. The likelihood of encountering this issue increases as the number of installed drivers increases.


Increase the iNotify limit from the default 128 to a larger number, such as 12288.

You can increase the iNotify limit permanently with the following command: 
sudo touch /etc/sysctl.d/<Upper Limit>-max-user-instances.conf

Or you can increase the iNotify limit after every restart with this command:
sudo sysctl -w fs.inotify.max_user_instances=<Upper Limit>

Reported Version:

NI Linux Device Drivers 2021 Q3

Resolved Version:



Aug 10, 2021


NI Linux Device Drivers do not Support Sleep or Hibernate

NI device drivers may crash a Linux system if the system tries to sleep or hibernate while devices are in use.


There is no known workaround.

Reported Version:

NI Linux Device Drivers 2019

Resolved Version:



Nov 11, 2021

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