Archived: LabWindows™/CVI™ 2013 SP2 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from LabWindows/CVI 2013 SP1 to LabWindows/CVI 2013 SP2. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.
ID Fixed Issue
358560 Function name is not reported in Break On Library Errors message.
370761 A remote target is incorrectly selected when switching the Run-time support setting between Real-time only and Full run-time engine.
392899 Editing a selected execution target will change the selection to the local desktop computer.
405918 The build does not use unsaved header file changes when source files #include anything other than the base header file name (e.g., absolute path or relative path).
405919 The order of include precedence is undetermined if you have multiple header files with the same base name loaded in LabWindows/CVI with unsaved changes.
409552 After modifying a dynamically allocated string in the Array Display or the Variables and Call Stack or Watch windows, the Variables and Call Stack window does not show the string as modified.
412829 LabWindows/CVI crashes when building a DLL with a type library at a long path.
415644 The label of multiple tree items in the User Interface Editor cannot be edited simultaneously.
417898 A build warning appears when using K&R-style function definitions.
421593 Tooltips are not sized correctly when the tooltip text contains horizontal tab characters.
422708 The debugging buttons are dimmed while debugging a function panel for DLL projects.
423474 The LabWindows/CVI compiler does not allow breakpoints on lines with empty statements.
424760 A save prompt appears when putting the User Interface Editor in operate mode for UIR files containing custom Toolslib controls.
426915 Oval and arc plots appear partially transparent, depending on their fill color.
426950 An excluded LIB file is undimmed if the build configuration is changed.
428268 Name clashes with SDK structure types cause the MIDL compiler to fail when generating type libraries.
428977 The View Variable Value menu item does not work for a variable imported from a DLL and used in a specific project.
429953 No source code browsing information is available after changing the value of a compiler define in a project that uses precompiled headers.
430146 Changing a project with signing enabled to a static library target type causes build errors.
430277 Double-clicking an error message in the Build Output window pertaining to a currently open file containing an excluded line of code opens a copy of the file in a new tab.
430712 warning: second parameter of 'va_start' not last named argument appears when Warning level is set to None.
430723 Two attributes in the CNSGetEndpointAttribute function panel display their data type as double instead of unsigned long long.
431112 Opening the Graphical Array View from the context menu causes LabWindows/CVI to hang.
431125 Changing the Specific Type of Elements on an expanded array in the Variables and Call Stack or Watch window multiple consecutive times causes an Index is passed out of range message to appear.
431260 Second-level include files will not find unsaved include files that are located in the parent directory.
433158 LabWindows/CVI stops tracking resources after user code raises an exception.
438055 The text style of multiple user interface elements cannot be modified simultaneously.
439440 Include directives in C-style comments are not excluded in the Interactive Execution window.
439723 Building the LabWindows/CVI NI-FGEN example, FrequencySweep5454.prj from the command line fails.
439991 Calling CDotNetGetErrorDescription with Break on>>First Chance Exceptions enabled causes a non-fatal run-time error: The program has caused a first chance "Unknown" fault.
441033 A graph with log scale shows only two decades for a range of [1E-200, 1].
441120 The LabWindows/CVI application log shows a fatal Bad image in IValidateImage error when running some UIR files migrated from previous versions of LabWindows/CVI.
441173 A The index passed is out of range message is displayed when pressing the right arrow key in the Array Display window.
441181 Using certain Interface to Win32 API functions causes incorrect referenced before being initialized run-time errors.
442080 The LabWindows/CVI Network Streams Library uses a version of Boost (v1.50) with a known security vulnerability (CVE-2013-0252).
442751 LoadExternalModule .c file support does not work when built with an external compiler.
443088 The Interactive Execution window does not check for illegal values before running a function panel.
443363 The LabWindows/CVI compiler crashes when compiling certain applications that use the OpenMP Library if compiling in a 64-bit configuration.
443818 Selecting Break On Change on a multidimensional array causes the debugger to crash.
443821 When running code in the Interactive Execution window and Break On Change is selected for a watch expression defined for an array element, the value of the watch expression changing causes an error.
443822 Changing the format of an array element after the Interactive Execution window has executed results in an error message.
444015 Selecting Simulate RT Shutting Down does not continue the execution of a real-time application after the application execution is suspended while debugging.
444145 When a 1 element array (e.g., double array[1];) is displayed in the Graphical Array View, checking Interleaved Arrays displays the message, A custom control callback raised an exception.
444201 The ActiveX GetActiveWindowName function does not work for the Variables and Call Stack, Watch, and Debug Output windows.
444273 Closing the console window of a suspended user application and subsequently running a function panel in the context of the suspended application causes the debugger to crash.
444861 In the Variables and Call Stack window, changing the Specific Type of Elements of a double array to Date Time (UI Library) causes the debugger to crash.
445172 The ActiveX function ExitCVI does not always close the LabWindows/CVI process, even if it returns successfully.
445317 MIDL errors occur when trying to compile a DLL with a type library.
445803 Autoselection does not work when including NI-HSDIO in an installer
446069 LabWindows/CVI does not automatically include the Execution Profiler when Profiling is enabled in the Build Options dialog box for the project.
446284 Adding a new custom control to a UIR file and then pressing the Operate Tool twice causes the development environment to crash.
446286 If a UIR file contains a previously built custom control and one that was just added, selecting the Options»Operate Visible Panels option causes a dialog box to appear.
446779 LabWindows/CVI does not automatically select TDMS Support for projects that call TDM Streaming Library functions when you build a distribution.
446782 The compiler uses an Interface to Win32 API header file instead of the project header file having the same name if the source file is located in a project subfolder.
446788 LabWindows/CVI does not automatically select .NET Support for projects that call .NET Library functions when you build a distribution.
446959 GetCVIState and GetCVIStateEx return 2 (suspended) for both the project and the Interactive Execution window, after running the Interactive Execution window while the project is suspended.
448962 When a project contains a header file that shares its name with an SDK header, LabWindows/CVI uses the SDK header.
448999 The CNSWriteMultipleData function duplicates the last element of dataArray if dataArray contains CNSData created for a struct with several fields.
449628 A breakpoint, removed during debugging, continues to break execution in a DLL project.
449864 Selections made in the Formatting Options (Legacy) dialog box, accessible from the Editor Preferences dialog box, are not saved when the development environment is closed.
450292 The compiler crashes when using #pragma pack (push,8) with run-time checking enabled.
451038 Converting previous distributions using Build»Distributions»Manage Distributions causes an unrecoverable internal error.
455276 The compiler crashes when building a source file in debug configuration if run-time checking is enabled.
456105 The Source Code Browser tab order is not preserved on subsequent workspace loads.
457386 Including windows.h in the Interactive Execution window causes errors if WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN is not defined in the Build Options dialog box.
460289 Calling GetExternalModuleAddr twice incorrectly returns a symbol address if the corresponding module DLL is missing.
460861 The preprocessor does not concatenate macro arguments with prepended .s. LabWindows/CVI displays the message 10, 5 error: pasting formed 'argument.', an invalid preprocessing token.
461278 Using a char array within a structure as the source_s parameter in the Fmt function causes a non-fatal run-time error.
463328 LabWindows/CVI does not install the 64-bit .NET merge modules.
463695 Structures that contain bit fields have different sizes in LabWindows/CVI 2012 and 2013 when using non-default packing alignment.
463914 Contents of a float array display incorrectly in the Array Display window if the data slice begins at a value other than 0.
464277 Pressing the stop button in a fatal run-time error dialog box received while running a function panel (FP) causes unexpected behavior when running code in the Interactive Execution window.
464278 Running an executable linked with a static LIB created using the Generate DLL Import Source option fails with a crash.
464308 After hitting a Break On Change event in the Interactive Execution window inside a lexical block of code, stepping to the end of the program causes a badly formed pathname error to be displayed.
464389 Stepping into the source of a multi-source LIB works only for the first source file into which the debugger steps.
465931 Using the conditional ternary operator with #define macros that have equivalent float values in a 32-bit debug configuration causes incorrect logic evaluation.
466280 If LabWindows/CVI does not have an activated license, running compile.exe fails silently without reporting a licensing error.
466542 LabWindows/CVI hangs when generating a IVI custom class driver for an empty function panel.
466714 In the User Interface Editor, the immediate transfer of default row / column / table data types to cells does not work for intptr_t data types when the original data type is int or int64.
467779 The Interactive Execution window runs slowly when executing code that uses symbols from libraries containing a large number of symbols.
467835 Generating HTML help from source causes an A custom control callback raised an exception message to be displayed.
468617 The ClipboardPutTableVals function fails to copy picture cells, even when the cell range consists of only a single cell of type VAL_CELL_PICTURE.
470361 In certain cases where source code is syntactically incorrect or does not compile, the source code browsing feature can behave incorrectly or cause LabWindows/CVI to crash.
471115 Declaring many uninitialized variables on separate lines within a switch statement causes compiler to crash.
472298 If code in the Interactive Execution window contains a declaration without a terminating semicolon, executing the code does not work, and no error is displayed. After correcting the code and running again, the initial error is displayed in the Build Output window.
472582 New custom configurations do not have default target file paths.
473148 If the source project for a function panel (FP) is the active project, and you try to batch build a project that uses that FP, the build fails with undefined symbol errors.
473170 The ANSI C Library type definition jmp_buf is of incorrect size for applications built in a 64-bit configuration.
474669 Using a struct containing an array in which all elements are initialized causes an incorrect unintialized variable non-fatal run-time error.
475252 calloc returns a pointer to invalid memory instead of returning null for very large memory requests.
479052 Selecting Run»Install Program to Real-Time Execution Target for the first time can crash the development environment.
479126 LabWindows/CVI enters a bad state if you execute function panels while suspended on a breakpoint while debugging.
479129 Toolbar debug buttons are dimmed, after running function panels while suspended at a breakpoint in RunUserInterface.

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