Upgrade LabWindows™/CVI

LabWindows/CVI users with an active Standard Service Program (SSP) membership are eligible to upgrade to LabWindows/CVI 2020. Don't have an active membership? Renew today to get the latest LabWindows/CVI versions.


LabWindows/CVI 2020

The latest version of LabWindows/CVI includes these top features:

  • Support for UTF-8 Encoding
  • Ability to convert the encoding of existing ANSI projects to UTF-8 or vice-versa
  • Live Error Indicator to view errors and diagnostics in the source editor before compiling a project
  • New Utility Library and User Interface Library functions

LabWindows/CVI Support Policy

NI knows every product has different requirements for support and longevity and is committed to providing the life cycle support you need for your application. View the table below to see our product support timeline for LabWindows/CVI. Review the National Instruments Software Life Cycle Policy for overall software policy details.

LabWindows/CVI Life Cycle Dates

Version Current Release Support (Release Date) Mainstream Support (End Date) Extended Support (End Date)
LabWindows/CVI 2020 September 2020 September 2025 Ongoing
LabWindows/CVI 2019 July 2019
July 2024
LabWindows/CVI 2017 May 2017
August 2022 Ongoing
LabWindows/CVI 2015 August 2015
August 2020
LabWindows/CVI 2013 August 2013
August 2018
LabWindows/CVI 2012 August 2012
August 2016
LabWindows/CVI 2010 December 2010 December 2014 Ongoing