SystemLink Cloud: Securely Hosting and Sharing WebVIs Globally


In this video, you will learn about hosting a WebVI-based application on SystemLink Cloud. You will learn how to package and host the web application, including its data services, in a secure, mobile-friendly, and global way.

Software Requirements

This video references code that you can use to follow along. To run this example code, you will need LabVIEW NXG 2.1 or later and the LabVIEW NXG Web Module. You can download the required installers and code from the links below.


Concepts Covered in this Video

  • API Keys for SystemLink Data Services—When using SystemLink Data Services in a WebVI that will be hosted on SystemLink Cloud, you must use an API key generated from SystemLink Cloud. The API key authenticates the web application for SystemLink Cloud – much like your credentials authenticate your identity.
  • SystemLink Cloud—Take your data visualizations to the cloud with an NI-hosted service that lets you publish data to graphical dashboards and WebVIs in a secure, high-performance architecture.
  • Packaging a Web Application—For SystemLink Cloud to host your web application, you must build a package file (.nipkg) of your application and upload the package to the "Web apps" section of the site.
  • Sharing a Web Application on SystemLink Cloud—An uploaded web application will remain private to you by default. You can share the web application with the public, or you can directly share the web application with only people you specify by entering their account email.