Radar and Electronic Warfare System Test

Accelerate Validation of Radar and EW Systems

With NI’s modular, agile, and scalable approach to radar and EW validation and test, you’ll be able to deliver new capabilities with lower risk. Validation engineers must test radar and EW systems in realistic scenarios to evaluate system-level performance. NI helps you to find errors earlier in the design cycle, reducing costs and increasing your confidence in the mission-readiness of systems. With the combination of robust, open software and hardware solutions, NI strengthens your mission to achieve electromagnetic spectrum superiority.


Rapidly Validating Radar and EW Systems

Emerging threats drive EW researchers and engineers to prove out novel concepts faster. NI modular COTS components provide the flexibility to quickly adapt to new requirements, increase capability, and operate in contested EM environments. With robust data movement and synchronization infrastructure, and integrated development tools, NI accelerates your transition from concept to a fielded EW system.

Validate Radar Systems

The increasing complexity of modern radar makes it challenging to achieve adequate test coverage. The NI radar validation solution allows you the freedom to adapt your test techniques to emerging requirements.

Scale System Resources

Modern radar and EW systems have multi-channel RF, digital, and DC interfaces. Scale your test system to meet system channel count requirements with the right I/O types paired with powerful signal processing tools.

Leverage Proven Software & Hardware

A proven software and hardware infrastructure minimizes development time and costs to build capable and customized test systems.

Create Customized, User-Owned IP

Take control of your test system with IP for target generation, threat/channel emulation, scenario management, signal propagation, and jamming/interference.

Upgradeable Software and Hardware

As requirements and threats evolve, so should your test strategy. Rapidly add new radar and EW system test methods through NI’s modular hardware and software to meet evolving test system requirements.

Advanced System Integration Partner

EU-based partner Elettronica Gmbh is a Center of Excellence for Design, Development, and Integration of COTS-based solutions for ground-based ELINT, ground-based communication warfare/intelligence, simulation-based EW analysis, and radar testing and training systems.

Radar Test Partner

India-based partner Constelli specializes in radar and EW test solutions. An expert in radar and EW threat environment emulation, Constelli provides IP to test and validate radar systems with multiple targets or threats, and comprehensive operational scenario simulation—all based on NI technology.