How Do I Use LabVIEW to Develop Production Test Systems?

LabVIEW reduces the cost of test by helping you stay ahead of the evolving needs of your production test systems with the flexibility to connect to virtually any instrument, reuse existing code, and quickly design user interfaces.

See What You Can Do With LabVIEW

With LabVIEW, you can use a consistent development approach to rapidly create flexible test applications that control multiple instruments. And you can focus on your unique test requirements by customizing your system with a graphical programming approach, included analysis, and integrated drag-and-drop UI design. When your system is assembled, you can view your results from anywhere and pair LabVIEW with TestStand, NI’s industry-standard test management software, to minimize production deployment time.


Reduce System Setup Time by Connecting to Virtually Any Instrument

Access to thousands of instrument drivers that typically include APIs, example programs, and documentation makes it possible to connect to virtually any modular or traditional box instruments. LabVIEW also provides approachable software interfaces for 600+ NI electronic test and instrumentation PXI modules.

Create Test Sequences With Minimal Time

Hundreds of instrument-specific example code modules and included measurement libraries offer a starting point to reduce development time. Designed for engineers, the graphical programming approach helps you map your thoughts to functional test code, minimizing the burden of traditional programming.

Reuse Existing Code to Save Development Time

The openness of LabVIEW makes it easy to integrate existing configuration, analysis, and device under test (DUT) control libraries by interoperating with Python scripts and importing C/C++/C# code or .NET assemblies.

Quickly Create Professional User Interfaces to Visualize Test Outcomes

With LabVIEW, you can create user interfaces with hundreds of drag-and-drop engineering objects that describe your system to engineers, technicians, or operators. LabVIEW also provides integration with test management software, including TestStand, to generate reports and log results to databases.

Reduce Test Station Deployment and Rework Costs

Well-created hardware abstraction layers mean your software can adapt with instrumentation changes. LabVIEW provides integration with ready-to-run test management software, including TestStand, so you can quickly distribute code modules and related files to deploy automated test systems to the production floor.

Accelerate Development With Faster Learning

You can learn on your own or from a qualified instructor to increase your productivity. On-demand online training is included as part of our software services, or you can register for virtual courses or on-site classroom-style instruction.