Computer Controlled Solutions used LabVIEW system design software and NI CompactRIO hardware to create the Mobile Daquire device, which provides 25 ns resolution acquisition and analysis of vibrations ...

Frazer-Nash Consultancy created the Train Zero facility for both integration testing and validation of Bombardier train systems and models.

Researchers created a sensing and control intelligence system to develop a full-scale adaptive prototype of a lightweight space truss while reducing material waste.

Addressing unilateral facial paralysis by creating a measurement and control system for facial pacing, which measures facial movements from the healthy side of the face and uses functional electrical stimulation ...

Resolve Research Engineering Ltd created an accurate, portable, and automated tool to test the manual dexterity and cognitive skills of 13,500 children as part of a large study to identify and help those ...

Reaction Engines Ltd created a scalable and flexible testbed for Skylon test data to be simultaneously viewed and logged at high speed for further analysis.

Researchers developed event-based, easy-to-maintain software architecture to build a flexible transient recorder system for the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Designing and building an automated manufacturing test system (MTS) for testing audio amplifier printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the aim to reduce test times and maximize throughput.

We needed to design a new functional tester for car infotainment systems containing multiple modules and communication channels, such as WiFi, USB, CAN, Bluetooth, DAB, RDS, and GPS.

Protean Electric Ltd. automated the testing and characterizing of their integrated motor and inverter, covering every aspect of performance to reduce time on test.

Designing, building, and deploying an instrumentation system for remote missile-seeker operation and testing, including functional control of missile electronics, signal acquisition and processing, hardware-in-the-loop ...

Please update the metadescription to: Project Integration LLC created an automated test system to measure the parameters of high-power IGBT and MOSFET transistors with an intuitive user interface.

Researchers developed a machine vision system for automated inspection of brake drum assemblies that can account for variations and for differences in assembly.

NXP Semiconductors fulfilled automated testing of peripheral software without sizeable investment into specialized test hardware infrastructure or constant upgrading.

Jaguar Land Rover implemented a solution and created a workflow to index metadata, and search, inspect, analyze, and report on data 20 times faster.

Developing reservoir pressure maintenance automation system to remotely control, monitor, and protect devices in pumping station.

Making electrical tests and mechanical tests for circuit breakers less labour intensive and less time consuming as current methods are run in large quantities and can last for hours.

Please change the metadescription to: ELCOM, a.s. quickly implemented a complete phase measurement unit (PMU) analyzer for precise evaluation of synchrophasors in accordance with IEC and EN standards.

AIST built a nanoparticle analysis system requiring high-speed measurements and large-volume data processing while reducing development time.

Researchers created a custom end-of-line functional and performance test system for a powertrain component with two independent test cells responsible for all systems.

Accelerating the development of autonomous air-to-air refuelling technology by creating a low-cost, full-scale, reliable, and safe sensor-in-the-loop robotic test environment that can interface with external ...

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