Coherent Solutions for PXI-Based Optical Test and Measurement


Coherent Solutions, a world leader in test and measurement equipment for optical communications, will be working to bring their innovative line of optical test modules to the PXI platform Their migration to PXI adds tremendous value to customers working on mixed-signal, optical-electrical applications. The product line will support a wide range of applications including laser RIN testing, laser diode test and characterization, and wafer-level VCSEL testing.
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Bringing Optical Mixed-Signal Test Capabilities to PXI


Coherent Solutions for Optical Excellence

Coherent Solutions is a world-leading provider of test and measurement equipment for optical communications. They specialize in optical communication test and measurement instruments from signal generation to characterization with a range of innovative, easy-to-use modular and customized solutions supporting a mission to help engineers and scientists push the boundaries of high-speed optical communications.

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The PXI Approach to Test and Measurement


A Platform for Mixed-Signal Test

PXI, or PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation, is an open specification governed by the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA) that defines a rugged, high-performance platform optimized for test, measurement, and control. PXI combines PCI Express electrical-bus features with the rugged, modular packaging of CompactPCI and adds specialized synchronization buses. The introduction of Coherent Solutions optical PXI modules means all the benefits of a single-platform measurement system now extend to include true optical-electrical mixed signal test:

  • Simplify wiring and signal routing with unparalleled synchronization capability across a shared timing and triggering backplane
  • Capture more data with high speed data streaming from module to controller
  • Process more data, faster with embedded multi-core processors or remote-PC control
  • Save time and get to automated measurements quickly with an extensive portfolio of software for interactive and automated test and measurement

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Optical Product Catalog

Coherent Solutions’ expanding portfolio of PXIe optical test modules bring a wide range of new mixed-signal test capabilities to the PXI platform, with many more on the horizon. The  modules offer seamless integration with PXI Platform and deliver reliable and repeatable results across a wide range of optical and mixed-signal test applications.



  • DC or AC coupled
  • Amplified RF output
  •  High bandwidth up to 50GHz
  • Calibrated readings
  •  Various wavelength ranges
  •  Seamless PXI integration - Labview drivers
  • SCPI commands
  • Advanced user interface


  • Low insertion loss - as low as 0.6DB*
  • High repeatability
  • Wide coverage of operational wavelength 
  • Seamless PXI integration - Labview drivers
  • SCPI commands
  • Advanced user interface
  • High durability, > 3 x 10^7 cycles
  • Bidirectional
Specifications Sheet   Specifications Sheet


  • Built in power monitoring capability
  • Fast attenuation speed
  • Constant power output mode
  • Low insertion loss
  • Seamless PXI integration - Labview drivers
  • SCPI commands
  • Advanced user interface
  • Wide coverage of operational wavelength
  •  Integrated power meter


  • Protect fragile fibre pigtails of optical components
  • Organize the optical setup for higher productivity
  • High connector density
  • PXI form factor
Specifications Sheet   Specifications Sheet


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