Audio Fundamentals 101: Analog Audio Test and Measurement


Learn about the principles of analog audio measurements. This video provides an explanation and covers audio test topics such as frequency response function (FRF), excitation/stimulus signals, distortion, phase, linearity, swept-sine analysis, and other functionalities available in LabVIEW and the LabVIEW Sound and Vibration Toolkit. The video also covers the basics of software-defined PC-based hardware, modular hardware architecture, and other equipment—including PXI Sound and Vibration Modules—for applications such as consumer electronics validation and testing.

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Thanks for your interest in this NI Webcast on analog audio measurement principles and audio test terminology. We now invite you to learn even more about analog audio test fundamentals using the NI LabVIEW Sound and Vibration Toolkit for measurement and analysis.  Please refer to the resource links listed below.  

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