Archived: NI-WSN 1.0 Known Issues

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This document contains the NI-WSN 1.0 known issues that were discovered before and since the release of NI-WSN 1.0. Not every issue known to NI will appear on this list; it is intended to only show the severe and more common issues that can be encountered.

Known Issues

The following itemsare known issues for NI-WSN 1.0.

CAR ID CAR Description Workaround
176348 Deploying Configuration while running a VI causes VI to temporarily return invalid data Stop VI before deploying configuration
177088 Gateway loses connection with all nodes on network Knowledgebase 4YSE2JHN
176451 Firmware version in MAX does not distinguish programmed nodes from non-programmed nodes.  
176328 Gateway will not send IO configuration message if incorrect node type is deployed Ensure proper node type is deployed
176245 Switching Router/End Node on a node that has never connected throws Unknown Error Allow node to connect before switch radio firmware
171234 Adding a remote WSN Gateway to MAX requires user to manually refresh the WSN Node Tab in MAX Manually refresh MAX
156917 MAX does not show progress of node firmware update without manual refresh Manually refresh MAX
154363 Changing Node ID in Does Not Update Node Name When changing ID, also update node name
176579 Setting invalid gateway name in LabVIEW causes blank error Insure valid name is entered
175432 Comparing Project with gateway yeilds error: Sample Interval "5.000" != "5.000" Deploy the settings as coerced by the display
174982 Windows 2000 does not display some drop down lists correctly  
174980 End Nodes remain on longer than anticipated when it has failed to join a network  
159167 Cannot Change Node Type (3202, 3212) After Node has been Added Ensure proper node type is selected when adding


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