Automotive Communication with NI-XNET Course

The Automotive Communication with NI-XNET Course introduces you to the basics of working with the NI-XNET driver, the NI-XNET Database Editor, and the N-XNET Bus Monitor.

The Automotive Communication with NI-XNET Course helps you explore the role of the NI-XNET driver and the NI-XNET API for LabVIEW when working with different automotive communication protocols.This course covers using NI-XNET with Automotive Ethernet, FlexRay, control area network (CAN), or local interconnect network (LIN) buses, as well as the differences between these protocols. You will learn how to edit databases with the NI-XNET Database Editor and how to monitor communications on CAN and LIN buses with the NI-XNET Bus Monitor. Additionally, the course teaches you how to send and receive frames and signals over CAN and LIN buses.The Automotive Communication with NI-XNET Course is recommended for test engineers and developers using NI-XNET to communicate across a CAN or LIN bus. Experience with topics covered in the LabVIEW Core 1 Course is required.

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