How Do I Manage Health and Performance With SystemLink™?

SystemLink provides applications and tools that improve system uptime and monitor the performance of test and measurement assets.

SystemLink Health and Performance

Continuous monitoring of system health and performance is essential for test throughput and production continuity. Detecting problems early can prevent minor system issues from becoming major operational disruptions. SystemLink provides preconfigured system monitoring features and an open framework that you can use to connect custom application data with an alarms engine and notification workflow. You benefit from standard reporting views and the ability to configure operational dashboards using data transferred from LabVIEW and other applications.


Health Monitoring Services

Track system health with preconfigured monitoring services and a high-performance data reporting engine. Use LabVIEW or Web Service APIs to extend and customize the data services.

Alarms Management and Notifications

Notify key stakeholders with a configurable alarms engine and user-defined email notification workflows. Associate custom application data to alarms based on unique solution requirements.

Calibration Reporting

Automatically detect calibration data from NI devices and track calibration events across all managed systems.