Data Management

As the amount of data we collect grows exponentially, we need a more focused effort for how we sort, analyze, and use this data to take full advantage of it.

The Hidden Costs of Data Mismanagement

Only five percent of data is analyzed because of improper documentation. Efficiently processing data to gain further insight is becoming a key distinguisher for top-performing companies.

3 Technologies to Overcome Data Challenges

Universal Data Model

NI created the binary TDM file format to enable saving well-documented measurement data. TDM is an easily exchangeable, inherently structured, high-speed-streaming-capable file format.


Read, inspect, and search virtually any custom file format with DataPlugins to map any format to the universal TDM model.


DataFinder automatically indexes and parses any file format to create a highly searchable database of all properties in the data files.


Raytheon Analyzes Data 95 Percent Faster With DIAdem

Struggling with long test-cycle times and the problem of cross-department test information management, Raytheon found a solution for automating and standardizing data management with DIAdem.