Hands-on Rapid Prototyping Real-Time Wireless Systems with LabVIEW Communications


Discover how you can use the NI integrated hardware-software approach to rapidly prototype a wireless communications system with the USRP RIO software defined radio platform. Build a broadcast FM radio demodulation system while taking advantage of the onboard FPGA, learning best practices for host-target architectures, and stepping through the wireless communication algorithm design flow. Through these fundamental exercises, customers will gain the knowledge needed to efficiently prototype their more complex SDR applications by leveraging the RIO architecture, LabVIEW FPGA, and the USRP RIO hardware.

At various times throughout the year, this material is conducted as an on-site and hands-on seminar at academic and other institutions. Please contact your local academic program manager or district sales manager for seminar locations, dates and times happening in your area!

Download Full Manual

Topics Covered

Introduction to USRP RIO hardware

Introduction to FPGA Design Flow

Algorithm Design and Testing

Floating to Fixed Point Conversion

Deploying and Application on an FPGA


Download Contains

Exercise Manual PDF


Required Software

NI LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite 1.0 (Download evaluation)


Required Hardware

NI USRP 2940R, 2942R, 2943R, 2950R, 2952R, 2953R