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Download Language: English

Product Line: CompactRIO

Version: 1.3.4f0

Release date: 04-20-2020

Software type: Firmware

Operating system: Linux RT


This BIOS update is compatible with all cRIO-903x controllers except the cRIO-9032 and cRIO-9037 WiFi-enabled models. See the following download page for the equivalent WiFi-enabled cRIO-903x BIOS update.

cRIO-903x WiFi BIOS 1.3.2f0 for Bootable USB Drive

Important! Flashing this BIOS will reset your CMOS default settings. Please record changes you have made to them prior to flashing this BIOS!

Installation Instructions


STEP 1: Create Bootable USB Key
To use this application, you must have a USB flash disk. This USB flash disk will be formatted so that, when booted, it prepares the system for a BIOS update. This application runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

NOTE: Flashing this BIOS will reset your CMOS default settings. Please record changes you have made to them prior to flashing this BIOS!

To use the application, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a USB flash disk into one of your computer's USB slots.
  2. After the OS has finished identifying the USB drive, run the CreateUSBUtilityDisk.exe application. The application will detect all USB flash disks in the system and display them in a drop-down list.
  3. Select the USB flash disk you would like to make bootable using the drop-down list.
  4. After selecting the appropriate disk, click the "Make Bootable" button. The application will format the USB flash disk with a bootable DOS image and HDD diagnostic application. A progress bar will indicate when the application is finished formatting the disk.
  5. Close the application by clicking "Close".
  6. The USB flash disk should now be bootable.

STEP 2: Update BIOS in DOS

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into your controller. Set up your controller to boot first from this USB flash drive using the following procedure:
    - While the controller boots, press DEL to enter the BIOS Setup Utility
    - Navigate to the Advanced >> USB submenu
    - Ensure that Legacy USB Support is set to ENABLED
    - Press F10 to save and reboot
    - While rebooting, press DEL to enter the BIOS Setup Utility again
    - Navigate to the Boot menu. Follow the on screen help to change the boot ordering so that your USB flash drive is the first boot device.
    - Press F10 to save and reboot
  2. Once the controller boots into DOS, follow the onscreen instructions in order to flash your BIOS.
  3. Once the system starts the BIOS update process, be sure to let the program complete or the system will become corrupted and unbootable.
  4. Once the program is finished, remove the USB flash drive and reboot the controller.
  5. If a problem occurs during the flash, contact National Instruments technical support for assistance.

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