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Last Modified: July 20, 2020

The NI-XNET Database Editor error log enables you to view detailed information about errors that occurred while using the editor. By default, an error log is generated in the following path: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\National Instruments\NI-XNET\log\niXntDatabaseEditor.log.

To open the error log from the NI-XNET Database Editor, select View » Open Error Log.

The error log provides for each event a time and date stamp, indication of whether the event was an error or warning, description of the event, and file path for the database active when the event occurred.

For further assistance, consider asking the NI community through the Automotive and Embedded Networks discussion forum.

For detailed information about the XNET API or working with frames and signals in NI-XNET, refer to NI-XNET Hardware and Software Help.

Refer to NI Product Manuals for updated documentation resources.

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