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LIN ECU Properties

Last Modified: July 20, 2020

The following properties are available on the ECU Properties page if the database cluster is configured to use the LIN protocol.

  • Name—ECU name. This must be unique within the cluster.
  • LIN Master—Indicates whether the ECU is a LIN Master or LIN Slave.
  • Protocol Version—LIN protocol version supported by the ECU. This selection influences the LIN Checksum type of frames that this ECU transmits.
  • Supplier ID—16-bit numeric vendor identifier for the LIN device.
  • Function ID—16-bit numeric identifier indicating the LIN device function.
  • Initial NAD—8-bit address identifier that the LIN device responds to when powered up.
  • Configured NAD— 8-bit address identifier set for the LIN device by node configuration.
  • P2min—Minimum delay (in milliseconds) of a diagnostic response to the last frame of the corresponding request.
  • STmin—Minimum delay (in milliseconds) of diagnostic Consecutive Frames (CFs).
  • TX Frames—List of transmitted frames.
  • RX Frames—List of frames received.
  • Comment—Note or descriptive text related to this ECU. The comment is used for information only.

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