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LIN Frame Properties

Last Modified: July 20, 2020

The following properties are available on the Frame Properties page if the database cluster is configured to use the LIN protocol.

  • Name—Name of the frame. This must be unique within the cluster.
  • Unprotected ID—LIN frame identifier, which is a number 0 to 63. This number identifies the content of the data contained within payload.
  • Payload Length—Number of data bytes that can be transmitted in the frame's payload. The payload length for LIN frames is 0–8 bytes.
  • LIN Checksum—Indicates whether the checksum is Classic or Enhanced. The checksum is determined by the LIN version of the ECUs transmitting and receiving the frame; the lower version of both ECUs is significant. If the LIN version of both ECUs is 2.0 or higher, the checksum is Enhanced; otherwise, it is Classic.
  • Mapped PDUs—Any PDU(s) mapped to this frame. Displays the PDU name, the start bit of the PDU inside the frame, and the update bit for the PDU inside the frame.
  • Bit Layout—Visual element depicting the signals contained within this frame and the byte order of each signal. Beneath the bit layout on the Frame Properties page, you can select Show as PDUs to show the PDU(s) mapped to this frame.
  • Comment—Note or descriptive text related to this frame. The comment is used for information only.

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