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Alias Names

Last Modified: July 20, 2020

NI-XNET uses an alias name to identify a database file. The alias provides a shorter, easier-to-read name for use within your application. An alias isolates your application from changes to the specific file path. For example, if your application uses the alias MyDatabase and you change its file path to x:\Embedded\Vehicle5\MyDatabase.dbc, your application continues to run without change.

Database aliases are required for FlexRay and LIN measurements, but are optional for CAN measurements.

After you create an alias, it exists until you explicitly delete it. If you uninstall NI-XNET, the aliases are deleted; however, if you reinstall or upgrade NI-XNET, the aliases from the previous installation remain. Deleting an alias does not delete the database file itself, only the association within NI-XNET.

A local alias defines a shortcut to a database file stored on your local host.

An RT target alias defines an alias for a database file stored on a remote system (i.e., LabVIEW Real-Time (RT) target).

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