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Wiring External Power to the FieldDAQ Device

    Last Modified: May 20, 2019

    The FieldDAQ device requires an external power source as described in the Power Requirements of the specifications document. The POWER LED identifies when the device is receiving adequate power for its tasks.

    1. Verify the power source is turned off.
    2. If you are not using a pre-assembled cable, complete the following steps.
      1. Connect the positive lead of the primary power source to the V terminal (pin 1) inside the power connector plug.
      2. Connect the negative lead of the primary power source to the C terminal (pin 3) inside the power connector plug.
      3. Connect the Chassis Ground terminal (pin 5) inside the power connector plug to earth ground. This terminal is internally connected to the C terminal.
      4. (Optional) To power non-FieldDAQ devices through the power network, connect the leads of an additional auxiliary power source to the Aux1 (pin 4) and Aux2 (pin 2) terminals inside the power connector plug.
      5. Assemble the rest of the plug sleeve.
    3. Carefully align and connect the cable to the external power source and the power IN connector on the FieldDAQ device.
    4. Turn on the external power source.

    If the power source is connected to the power connector using long wiring with high DC resistance, the voltage at the power connector may be significantly lower than the specified voltage of the power source.

    Refer to the specifications for your FieldDAQ device for information about the power supply input range and the maximum voltage from terminal to chassis ground.

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