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Star Topology

    Last Modified: June 11, 2019

    In a star topology, the host communicates directly with each node through the external switch. You must use an external switch in a star topology; for network synchronization, you must use an external IEEE 802.1AS switch. Redundant links are recommended, but optional, in this topology. You must configure the network properly with a recommended external switch before creating redundant links in the network.

    Figure 1. Star Topology


    • Unpowered nodes and/or node failure does not disrupt network communication with other nodes
    • Failure of any single Ethernet cable does not disrupt network communication when you have a redundant link
    • Additional nodes or heavier network traffic affects network performance less than the other topologies
    • Simple installation, expansion, and troubleshooting


    • Most costly of the recommended topologies
    • Requires an external switch (external IEEE 802.1AS switch for network synchronization)
    • Covers the least distance

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