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Reserving the Device in MAX

    Last Modified: May 20, 2019

    When the FieldDAQ device is connected to a network, multiple users can access the device. To perform any DAQ functionality on the device, including reset and self-test, you must reserve the device in MAX. In MAX, an unreserved device or device reserved by another host appears with an X and a reserved device appears as dark grey. Only one user at a time can reserve the FieldDAQ device.

    Figure 1. MAX Icons and States
    1. Discovered, but Not Added to the Network
    2. Recognized, Present, and Reserved on the Network
    3. Recognized, but Disconnected from the Network, Unreserved, or Reserved by Another Host

    If the device was not reserved automatically after it was added (Add Device), you can reserve the device in MAX by expanding Devices and Interfaces»Network Devices, selecting the device, and clicking the Reserve Network Device button. The Override Reservation dialog box opens when you attempt to explicitly reserve a device. Agreeing to override the reservation forces the FieldDAQ device to be reserved by the current user.

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