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    Last Modified: August 1, 2019


    To find information about the power connector pinout, signal descriptions, and LED indicator on your FieldDAQ device, refer to the Front Panel topic for your Model.

    The FieldDAQ device has two 5-pin L-coded M12 power connectors, power IN and power OUT. The power connectors provide one voltage line (V), one common line (C), chassis ground, and two lines for optional auxiliary power, Aux1 and Aux2.

    The following figure shows the power circuitry on the FieldDAQ device.

    Figure 1. Power Circuitry

    The FieldDAQ device requires an external power source as described in Power Requirements of the FieldDAQ device specifications. The FieldDAQ device internally connects the C terminal to the chassis ground.

    The FieldDAQ device has a maximum device power consumption, as listed in Power Requirements of the FieldDAQ device specifications. Each FieldDAQ filters and regulates the supplied power for its tasks.

    When FieldDAQ devices are linked together through the power IN and power OUT connectors, the total current consumption of the chain equals the sum of every linked FieldDAQ device’s current consumption. The total current cannot exceed 10 A, and the total supply load of the chain must be less than 300 W.

    You can use the optional auxiliary power lines (Aux1 and Aux2) to draw power for non-FieldDAQ devices in your network. The FieldDAQ device does not make use of the auxiliary power itself. If you are connecting power through the auxiliary power lines, ensure that the total combined current between V Input and Aux power lines does not exceed 10 A.

    Refer to the FieldDAQ device specifications for information about the power connectors, power requirements, and current limits of your FieldDAQ device.

    Cap the power connectors when not in use.

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