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Mounting Requirements

    Last Modified: November 16, 2018

    Your installation must meet the following requirements for cooling and cabling clearance. Allow 76.2 mm (3.00 in.) on all sides of the device for air circulation, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 1. Cooling Dimensions

    Allow the appropriate space in front of the device for cabling clearance, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 2. Cabling Clearance

    Measure the ambient temperature at each side of the FieldDAQ device, 76.2 mm (3.00 in.) from the side and 25.4 mm (1.00 in.) forward from the rear of the device. Refer to the following figures for ambient temperature locations for horizontal and vertical mounting configurations.

    Figure 3. Ambient Temperature Locations, Horizontal Mounting Configuration
    Figure 4. Ambient Temperature Locations, Vertical Mounting Configuration

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