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Mounting the Device Directly on a Flat Surface

    Last Modified: April 24, 2019

    For environments with high shock and vibration, NI recommends mounting the FieldDAQ device directly on a flat, rigid surface using the mounting holes on the device. This mounting technique requires four M5 or 10-32 panhead or sockethead cap screws appropriate for the surface.

    Complete the following steps to mount the FieldDAQ device directly on a flat surface.

    1. Prepare the surface for mounting the device using the surface mounting dimensions.
      Figure 1. Surface Mounting Dimensions
    2. Align the device on the surface.
    3. Fasten the device to the surface using the M5 or 10-32 screws. Tighten the screws to a maximum torque of 2.5 N · m (25.0 lb · in.).
      Figure 2. Fastening the Device to the Surface

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